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The Cult of Legacy

In our company’s software development devision due many reasons, most of them are hidden to me, we evidently do face The Cult of Legacy:

  • You can discuss anything but not Legacy
  • You can criticize anything but not Legacy
  • You can refactor anything but not Legacy
  • You can rework anything but not Legacy
  • You can fix anything but not Legacy

Something is rotten in this state of Denmark,  definitely.


After discussion with my colleague and considering the policies and practices adapted and used in our company towards globalization and isolation of software to write and support, I want to try to formulate a software development methodology anti-pattern:

A software called on to be global, used worldwide, but developed by separate, isolated groups is broken by design. So called Isolated Software, or briefly – Isolateware.

Plague on both your houses managers and architects responsible to the decisions led to such results.